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The Coaches

We are experienced professionals who have successfully demonstrated the value of leadership development coaching with hundreds of executives and leadership teams. Our collaborative includes coaches from across the North America and Europe with experience coaching at the C-suite level with individuals and leadership teams providing team-building, strategic planning facilitation and executive coaching.

In addition to behavioral and cognitive approaches we also incorporate body-based learning to further the development of intuitive capacity and the utilization of innate strengths. We help executives to let go of leadership detractors such as ego-motivation and self-criticism and instead tap into their personal reservoir of experiential knowledge and intuition. We design personalized practice methods for sustaining powerful presence, insightful interventions, and clear compelling communication. Our clients move toward an expansive ownership of strong, creative, compassionate, and inspirational leadership.

Paul (Paolo) Scoglio (MSW, LICSW, CPPC)

Paul has been an entrepreneurial consultant, leadership coach, educator, and therapist for 26 years. His clients range from C-suite executives to adolescents and families. He ignites and provokes all his clients to see the best possibilities within their situation and their unique individuality as their most significant asset for success. He empowers his clients to act in new ways. With a disarming honesty, he confronts clients’ tethers to their old ways, and to unproductive perspectives and patterns of thinking and behaving. Provided with the freedom of new perspectives and deeper connections developed for more engaging ways of relating, his clients grow in confidence and comfort in their personal authority, performance, productivity, communication, leadership and personal fulfillment.

As a masters level therapist he brings the skills of a seasoned counselor to all his coaching relationships. In the past ten years he has focused on coaching and leadership development and has been teaching and developing leadership and coaching methods to enhance peak performance, positive communication, and relationship competency for individuals and corporate teams.

As owner of Scoglio Coaching and Associates, and through Gaffney & Company and BluOpal Consulting he has been working with executives and executive teams to transform personal, group, and company-wide behaviors into highly functional, cohesive leadership and relational practices.

Michele Roden Spruill (PCC, CPCC)

Michele has owned and operated consulting firms for more than 14 years, helping clients improve their performance in business and attain their life goals. Since co-founding BluOpal Consulting in 2002 with business partner Bruce Kawahara, Michele has drawn on her expertise in leadership and team development to help executives, entrepreneurs, financial planners, managers and business owners fulfill their personal potential and enhance organizational performance.

Developing sustainable goals with her clients, Michele uses her strength in designing comprehensive coaching and consulting solutions tied to specific business results. She enables her clients to translate what they learned from their MBA education to on-the-job accomplishments. Her clients stop thinking like task managers and start thinking like strategic leaders. She guides them to maximize their involvement with board members, improve board relations and shape organizational cultures that inspire performance. Putting her clients at ease with her candid and straightforward approach, Michele helps them discover their inner confidence, expand their thinking, be inspired by their own desires for change and growth, and to take risks.

She has completed the Executive Leadership course at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

Bruce Kawahara (PCC, CPCC)

Bruce is co-founder and principal of BluOpal Consulting, LLC,. For more than 20 years, Bruce has brought his functional expertise in business consulting, learning and development, sales performance, executive coaching, competitive intelligence, and organizational development to a wide variety of public and private sector organizations.

Since co-founding BluOpal Consulting in 2002, he has been dedicated to guiding organizations to achieve results by awakening the power in their people. He has worked with hundreds of company presidents, executives, managers and teams, helping them identify and accomplish their business and life ambitions. By designing powerful strategies to boost professional performance, Bruce has helped clients create corporate leadership training and development programs, negotiate and execute successful career transitions, and facilitate Boards of Directors through strategic planning processes.

He creates sustainable solutions that combine vision, planning, operations/systems alignment and people performance, and allow his clients to more easily identify their strategic vision, envision practical ways to achieve their goals, understand how to engage their workforce and inspire performance. He makes the process fun by drawing on his strengths: turning ideas into reality, communicating openly and directly, and focusing on building the capabilities of an organization one person at a time.

He formerly served as the co-chair and vice president of the Iowa Coaches Association, a chapter of the International Coach Federation.

Deborah Colman (M.A.Ed., MCC)

Deborah is President of Colman & Company Inc. She brings over 17 years of business experience in leadership development and organizational change as an OD Consultant and Director in Canada’s public health care industry. She inspires executives and managers to think beyond the obvious possibilities, embrace potential and excel in purposeful leadership. She is committed to humanizing organizational cultures where leaders move forward with purpose and passion. She coaches executives to identify their strengths, to lead from a growing awareness of their impact and to readily respond with a heightened sense of integrity and responsibility.

Her areas of specialization include Intentional Leadership, Accelerating High Potentials, Career Resilience, Legacy Planning and Emotional Intelligence. She holds licenses in several proprietary programs including: The Authentic Leader, The Bigger Game, Coaching for Excellence and The Smarts of Emotional Intelligence, The Leadership Cultural Survey, and The Leadership Circle Profile 360.

Deborah is a senior faculty member of The Coaches Training Institute, and holds Master of Arts in Adult Education and Organizational Development.

Sandra Richardson (CPCC, PCC)

Sandra is an experienced executive coach and training leader. She has an extremely warm, playful, and insightful style and simply challenges people to achieve their goals. Sandra leads professional coach training programs throughout Europe for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She coaches executives and teams and provides leadership development programs for companies for the purpose of developing leaders, improving quality outcomes, and enhancing business performance.

Prior to coaching and teaching, Sandra worked 12 years as a senior PR manager for blue chip companies. She later worked as an in-house Career Coach and HR Specialist where she developed a passion for helping people unleash their potential, grow in confidence, and live more fulfilling lives. She believes that how we are as individuals can have a bigger impact on our lives and our business performance than just what we do.

Sandra is an authorized Team Diagnostic Assessment facilitator and has completed the industry’s first certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching program. She also has a diploma in solutions focused counseling.

Gerina Gaffney (CPCC, AICI CIP)

She is president of Gaffney & Company. Her coaching approach is one of mind, body and spirit integration, with the belief that her clients best serve their companies and other individuals when they are clear about who they are, what they want, and how to bring their values and goals into alignment. Often her work entails coaching her clients in effective communication and team building.

Gerina’s ability to see people at a deep level and to fully develop their essential nature is the key to their personal and professional transformation. Once people are clear about who they are at their deepest level and what they want for themselves and their company, Gerina works with them to express these concepts through effective verbal and non-verbal communication, which can include their executive image and surroundings.

Gerina has served on the International Board of Directors of the Association of Image (AICI) Consultants International where she is a Certified Image Professional (CIP). She is also a charter member of the New Equations Professional Training Program.

Gerina is a dynamic and enthusiastic facilitator, delivering practical information in a warm and straightforward style. In addition to consulting and coaching she is an accomplished musician, with a BA in music, magna cum laude, from Wilkes University and attended the Graduate School of the New England Conservatory of Music.

ML (Mary Lou) Rice (MA, CPCC)

She is a leadership coach and consultant. ML effectively coaches leaders in all stages of their careers to help them develop and enhance their leadership presence. She pays special attention to the impact they want to create within their sphere of influence. “Executives who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow.” -Harvard Business Review

These executives are the leaders ML is committed to working with. Allowing leaders to build on their strengths, ML uses a mix of direct conversation, humor, creativity and wisdom to allow clients to see their true potential as well as the gap between where they are now and where they could be. She has the ability to design strategies and practices so that leaders build awareness of what they need to change and observation skills to begin to notice their own patterns and habits. ML poses gentle, thoughtful and intuitive questions that get to the heart of the matter and help executives clarify their own thinking and move toward insight.

ML brings interests in movement and body awareness to her coaching expertise. Her keen observations allow clients to create awareness around the importance of aligning their body language with their spoken language and emotional tone. A growing interest in neuroscience has allowed her to work with leaders to design strategies and practices that honor the ways the brain functions, especially in stressful work situations.

Over the past 10 years, ML has coached dozens of leaders across the country ranging from corporate executives and elected officials to CPAs, engineers and entrepreneurs. ML has expertise in leadership styles, gender and generational differences, team building, and the many stages of personal and organizational transitions.

ML holds an M.A. in Organizational Leadership and brings 20 years of public sector leadership and management to her current coaching and consulting practice. She is a certified professional coach through the internationally known Newfield Network, Inc., a former Bush Foundation Education Leadership Fellow and graduate of Coaches Training Institute.

William R. Corley (Psy.D., CPCC)

Will has a background as a clinical psychologist, manager, educator and salesman. With over twenty years experience in various leadership positions, he has a proven discovery process that reveals existing leadership skills and short comings in executive clients. His process and use of insight, energy, and humor moves clients to realize their potential as effective, dynamic leaders who achieve their professional best and create stronger organizations.

“Passion with a purpose” is the phrase that epitomizes Will’s commitment to coaching. He effectively helps leaders develop and articulate their vision and maximize their impact through self-awareness. He has inspired executives and teams to excel in transforming organizational culture and creating breakthrough initiatives. He is energized by the challenge of talented leaders and groups looking to design a change of direction or build something from the ground up.

Will has partnered with individuals and teams at all levels including C-Suite Level, SVP, VP, Director and Manager. His objectivity and insight have served to create and facilitate difficult conversations that have led to much stronger working relationships and results not thought possible.

He is the President of the International Leadership Organization.

Ann Stevenson (CPCC)

Ann has worked over 15 years as a Human Resources business partner and consultant in the financial services and asset management sectors and the past 7 years as an executive coach delivering coaching and leadership development.

Ann enables her executive coaching clients to clearly view their issues. She urges them to “bring their whole self to work not just the bit they think fits.” She brings their focus to connecting with their authentic self and raising their awareness of what they feel and what motivates them. Ann raises her client’s consciousness to understand the effects and circumstances they can create in building better professional relationships with positive communication and attention to personal goal achievement.

Her professional qualifications include being a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Level A & B Certified with the British Psychology Society, CTI’s Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), New Equations – Professional Training Program.

Meade Dickerson (MCC, CPCC)

Meade is the founder and CEO of Beyond Limits, LLC. Meade has been working as an executive coach since his introduction to coaching in 1999. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Meade has worked for himself and with others for the last 18 years in the fields of hospitality, real estate, technology, healthcare, coaching and consulting. He has successfully founded, built and sold numerous businesses throughout his career and knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and leader.

Meade’s “no-nonsense” coaching approach gets to the core of the issue with his clients and helps them be the leaders they want to be. His mission is to serve individuals and organizations committed to creating positive and sustainable change. This includes clarifying goals, strengthening leadership capacity and transforming the status quo from the “expected” into something truly dynamic. This mission is based on his belief that the combination of deepened insight and intentional choice creates powerful change.

Sam House (MSW, MCC, CPCC)

Sam is a founding partner of Polarity Pathways and Soulutions Leadership and Coaching. He has brought transformational awareness and change to individuals, teams, groups, and families for 25 years as an executive coach, advisor, trainer, and therapist. He is committed to helping others expand consciousness while enhancing productivity and effectiveness and ensuring that leaders and teams align with their purpose. Sam brings a polarity and wholeness perspective to all aspects of his work, encouraging others to broaden their awareness of what is possible by moving from an exclusive interpretation to an inclusive paradigm.

As a senior faculty member at the Coaches Training Institute, Sam has brought his engaging style to intensive leadership development training and executive coaching programs to North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Sam holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and is licensed to administer the Team Diagnostic Assessment – and follow-up team coaching. He has partnered in developing the Polarity and Wholeness System, a model for overcoming recalcitrant challenges at the individual, team, and organizational levels. From corporate boardrooms to federal prisons, Sam has enjoyed making a powerful difference in the lives of others.

Lynn Hull (CPCC)

Lynn has been a certified executive and personal coach since 2002. Her coaching style is challenging and compassionate and with her maxim “there is always a way” she is definitely not a soft option!

Lynn believes that coaching skills, tools and attitudes are primarily about creating and holding effective relationships and are therefore one of the most powerful ways of honing management and leadership abilities. To one-to-one coaching she brings clarity and an ability to hold the client’s big picture. As a coach and teacher she is relentless in working with her clients to help them shift their mindsets and perspectives to facilitate more effective decision-making from a place of choice rather than chore. Her approach is based on a mixture of psychological, physiological and spiritual principles so that growth in the individual is embedded and internalized.

She brings her passion and dynamism to designing and facilitating workshops on relationship development and coaching skills. She co-authored the self-coaching book entitled “Your Life Your Way”. Prior to coaching, Lynn worked as a teacher, tutor and senior manager where her specialty was curriculum design and development. She worked in education research and led national support programs in England and Wales for the implementation of Government educational initiatives.

She holds an M.B.A. a Certificate of Education (Distinction) from University of Manchester and is Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (Spanish). She has trained with New Equations Professional Training Program and Bigger Game. She is a facilitator for The Pacific Institute, Health Realization Institute training in Mind, Consciousness and Thought and was a tutor for the International Labor Organization’s Training Centre in Turin, Italy. A native of the UK she also is near-fluent in Spanish and has facility in French.

Kaja Magnussen (CPCC)

Kaja trains and coaches individuals across Europe, South Africa and the United States. She supports leaders in the exploration of their greater potential and works with them to develop skills that they as leaders can use to empower others.

She is a teacher and co-developer of the New Equations-based Leadership program in Norway and co-developer of the Impact Coaching for Leaders Programme.

Kaja’s instills a sense of responsibility for impact in her clients as the key to transform their leadership. She helps her executive clients build bridges between employees and their company’s mission to create a unified culture of respected values and dynamic growth. Her work brings balance and harmony to the change process and ensures that executives successfully move ideas forward that are in alignment with the needs of the whole organization.

Ariane Cherbuliez (MBA, PCC, CPCC)

Ariane has worked with hundreds of clients over the past ten years to clarify their goals and make both the internal and external shifts required to reach them. Her style has been described as intense, personalized, playful, vibrant, and professional.

Her background as a teacher and business consultant leads her to individualize her approach to each client’s personality, organizational culture, and goals. With an orientation toward experiential learning for leaders and teams, Ariane is adept in working with both left and right brain organizations, engaging leaders in explorations of authenticity and co-creativity. She holds a dual focus on the tasks and the person. She supports leaders and teams in recognizing what they care about, what conversations are missing in the workplace, and what priorities need attention for the business to achieve its results.

Ariane holds an MBA from Simmons College. She is authorized to provide the Clark-Wilson Task Cycle Survey 360 feedback. As a Partner of Team Coaching International and an Authorized Team Diagnostics Facilitator, she supports organizations through team-level 360 feedback. She is also certified in the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC).

These coaches are leadership development specialists: Most of them have been trained and certified through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)1 and CTI’s year-long experientially based Co-Active Leadership Program.

The Coaches Training Institute is the largest in-person coach training school in the world and issues the designation CPCC, Certified Professional Coactive Coach. 2 The International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest worldwide association for leadership coaches, views this designation as comparable with their own designation, PCC, Professional Certified Coach. ICF also issues the designation MCC, Master Certified Coach. The majority of this team hold a membership in ICF and all adhere to the ethical standards set forth by the ICF.

Some of the members of this team have also trained with New Equations, an experiential research and training organization that utilizes body-based practices which empower peak performance.

Several coaches are trained and credentialed in a variety of proprietary instruments such as The Leadership Circle Profile 360. Team Diagnostic Assessment.